Valeria Caucino is an artist and musician of great talent, her musical studies embrace various typologies both in instrumental and vocal ambit, and also in opera singing; a remarkable baggage that brought her among other things, after traveling abroad to study and study in Italy to return in 1997 as a soloist of the Irish music group Shamrock.

Singing and Irish music are an integral part of Valeria’s musical life which she accumulates, experience after experience, satisfactions and successes, an articulated and sure journey guided by passion and by the rarefied musical sensibility, as well as by her vocal talents. In 2015 he released his first album with unreleased tracks, entitled At the break of dawn, an all-round album since Valeria is not even an author and composer. The album is completed with the video of the single Over the pain. In January of this year, Valeria has also nominated testimonial for LILT Bill. The artist’s first discographic work was recorded at the Lavorisonori studio in Biella, comprising eleven tracks and its common thread is represented by acoustic instruments and the voice.

A genuinely folk work, where the acoustic guitar and the voice have a lot of space, a focused desire of the artist to highlight the musical roots.

And it is from the roots and the experience that Valeria Caucino fishes with passionate hands all the inspirations for her sound creations. A particular album with unusual atmospheres, to be explored with greediness by those who are profane of the genre, to open new horizons on the edge of music.

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