The new Niggaradio album consists of eleven tracks and is the result of a work of “collection” of the most authentic emotions, the real ones of ordinary people, cultured, elaborated and relaunched on the very people who generated them but enriched with sounds and of styles in a unique emotional exchange.

Only two years after the debut album entitled ‘Na Storia, which gave a lot of satisfaction to the group; today Niggaradio return to propose a complex and highly sought after work made up of sounds, voices, noises, Sintra, marranzani, slide guitars, and Sicilian dialect, which completes and gives a touch so lively and lively to every song that it is impossible not to be dragged and conquered.

The album is undoubtedly unique in its genre, the very special pieces offer a very pleasant listening, the music is dragged, the lyrics are very interesting, but putting an accent on the song entitled “A fear” is a must, the sounds are truly incredible. the mixture of instruments, rhythmic, almost oriental in some passages then explodes in more basic sounds, the drum part very strong, the song “Senza” is also exceptional, my two favorites but all the work is of great quality.

The Band said:

“We played it with the old instruments we love so much, with all the analog possible, with old microphones and an old mixer. We use words and music from yesterday, today, we mix them for a possible tomorrow. Six “collective” songs, five “personal”, good for everyone or no one, who can know “. The record was produced, recorded and mixed by Daniele Grasso for the Dave records label, and participated in the project Cesare Basile and Alessandro Deidda; the burning was performed by Giovanni Versari at La Maestà Studio and distributed by Believe Digital.

The fatal encounter between life and the band

NiggaRadio was born from the meeting of Daniele Grasso with Andrea Soggiu, Peppe Scalia and Vanessa Pappalardo; the quartet embarks on a journey into music, the genres that the band explores are the root blues the Sicilian folk with electronic contaminations, an experimentation between the present, and the past; all this happens in 2014, and the debut takes place with the publication of the ep ‘Two Sides’, followed by the album ‘Na Storia’: The band consolidates its musical experience apart for two national tours and participates in the FIM in Genoa, the Cous Cous Festival, the Etna In Blues, the Tropea blues festival; there is also a nomination for the 2014 Tenco Award in the ‘Best First Work’ section, then with the single ‘A Matina’ the four musicians perform on the May Day stage in Rome, live on RAI. The band’s journey is full and satisfying, the months pass quickly and new jobs arrive; today the band is introducing the new album ‘FolkBluesTechno’n’Roll … and other primitive music for tomorrow’; eleven tracks for a record, released in February, anticipated by the single ‘U balcony I’ Incanto. In the month of June, the Etna Comics Movie Gold Elephant World Festival was awarded the special prize “Music and society” for the video of the song ‘U me direct and for their social commitment.

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