The new EP of the singer-songwriter Michele Pavanello

After the first album Otto Strade, the local singer-songwriter Michele Pavanello publishes his new record: the EP entitled Vento Caldo entirely self-produced.

In Vento Caldo Michele has chosen the path of rock and blues to give voice to his profound and poetic lyrics that lead us to reflect and to ask ourselves how we can change the society in which we live: we must not live resigned, we must not only be indignant for the injustices of the world but get our hands dirty to change things.

« Warm windy dedicated to all those who seek peace in the true meaning of their freedom – explains Michele Pavanello – to those who have understood that faith is not a living room topic, nor a beautiful dress to wear on Sundays or when the spotlights are on, but it is true nourishment for the spirit and the body “.

5 tracks make up the Vento Caldo EP. We start with a blues, we go through rock, at times even very hard to better underline the message, up to a funky that will lead you to want to immediately start a new listening of Michele Pavanello’s disc.

From the EP the single La luce è noi was drawn which anticipated the release of the album and of which a music video was shown on Michele Pavanello’s youtube channel directed by the young Elia Menon (CREATIVE ideas social video).

Vento Caldo is currently on sale in all major digital stores and the best record stores.

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