An album with an eclectic soul; the pop and the style of the singer-songwriter marry rock in every track of the disc, with an eye also to the most avant-garde electronics, then to close in originality there are bets to swing and folk. The songs are all an electrifying journey through the sophisticated sound, sudden changes of melody, romantic and more aggressive traits, in a truly intriguing musical vortex. Very particular the song “Aria di Tempesta” , among the songs that have conquered my preference I can mention “Danza macabra”rhythmic and aggressive, very engaging, beautiful clean Lisa’s voice that seems to enchant the instruments under her decisive tone, a track with vaguely medieval resonances, the “ballad” style original.Another track to mention is the track entitled “Dracula” disturbing at the right point. Highly recommended album but be careful not to be bewitched.

Lisa Giorè of her brilliantly realized project said:

«The common thread between the songs on the album is a mood inclined to turn gray, constantly hovering between anxiety, self-control, obsessions, altered perception of reality. The texts are maniacally cared for, they are rivers of words used to build bittersweet poems, melancholy atmospheres, surreal images, and ironic parentheses: the goal is to combine pleasant melodies, rich in sounds, riffs, and catchy and incisive refrains, to elaborate lyrics that they must be listened to carefully to be fully understood ».

Elisa Giorello, aka Lisa Giorè, is a Tuscan singer-songwriter, the artist in her musical development develops personal gifts and cultivates a passion for some of the great Italian music scene such as Alice, Franco Battiato, and Matia Bazar. After musical studies and various experiences in the field, he began in 2010 to write and compose his unpublished works. In 2014, thanks to new and important meetings, he founded La Fabbrica di Polvere, the band with which he realizes his musical project. From 2016 he continues as a soloist with the pseudonym Lisa Giorè; and in September, finally, with the new name, a collection of ten tracks that are perhaps a partly autobiographical account of experiences and emotions.

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