Geddo, is a multi-faceted artist, always engaged in the west coast of Liguria, in live shows throughout Italy and already with two special albums behind him; the first entitled “Out of the ordinary” came out in 2010, which was followed by “I was never here” in 2013. Geddo tries again and with great talent with “Aliens” a collection of songs by whose themes are loneliness, and individualism, and many other aspects of life.

His works are so unique and rarefied that they have been selected to become the soundtrack of the comedy “Tante belle cose” from “I healthy da Legare”; also for the same company he wrote the song “Chloè” on the occasion of the staging of the comedy “Più vera del Vero”.Geddo also has a large number of events, events, concerts, and festivals to his credit; with a rich frenetic musical activity and full of enthusiasm with over 60 dates a year among small venues and large shows, always accompanied by a very talented band, which is well suited to every musical situation.

Aliens can be interpreted as the ideal continuation of the whole musical discourse of this musician, and who better than the author himself could tell us the secret soul of the album? In a recent interview given to “Music Blog,” Geddo explained what his music is, how it is born, and what excites others about it, and what wins over others. Below is an excerpt from the interview I read with great interest…

Geddo: -“Music has taught me to love Italy by making it be recognized in a different way, by going off the tourist routes to enter the labyrinth of people met in concerts. I make a kind of music that remains in your shoes. People write to me after hearing the songs, forming true, authentic relationships, bonds that tell of a beautiful country that today I live in a more conscious way … I am a fan of humanity; I follow the chronicle, the history, the philosophy and all that can help me to explore the great mystery of the human particularity, in the defect, in the detail, and in the fantasy. Today it is a wonderful time, full of epochal changes that distort values ​​and experience. It is among the humans that I feel good, between those who try and know how to transmit passion, character, and uniqueness.

Going back to the tracks of the album I can say that they are all interesting, deep themes treated with simplicity, I was very struck by the song: “Another day” dedicated to adolescents, to their problems, and to their life that seems easy but does not it is because of the too many contradictions of our society; as in this song, as well as in all the others of “Alieni” the strong sound impact is captured that dresses the texts with mastery giving to the whole an allure of great technical, musical and human profile. Recommended.

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