“We are elephants” is the debut album of this band from Bergamo formed by two musicians: Francesco “Shamble” Archpriest voice, guitar and bass of the group and Matteo “Teo” Belloli who is the drummer and the second voice; their musical project reflects their musical personality in every way; despite being the first album the work has the same atmospheres and the attention to detail of a collection: starting with the cover art and the graphics of the album that are signed by the artist “The Moon & I”, a composition that mixes the digital art, the technique of illustration and collage, the subject draws inspiration from a zootechnical print from the 1800s. The production of the record is due to Francesco “James” Dini and Teo Cremaschi at the 1901-Study.

The Elefanti duo was born in 2015 from the idea and the same musical passion of two friends from Bergamo: Francesco “Shamble” Arciprete and Matteo “Teo” Belloli, both with various musical experiences behind them. Francesco “Shamble” Archpriest started his career as a bass player and second voice in 2006, while Matteo “Teo” Belloli plays drums since 2008, the two know each other for having been part of the same band years ago.

The Elephants duo see the light thanks to the awareness that Archpriest and Belloli acquire during the common musical experience, an awareness that makes them see the great harmony between them and understand that the ideals are the same for both of them; the two artists discover they have so much in common, so much that they decide to work together with what is the same dream . The band publishes “we are elephants”, seven tracks all different, the record was anticipated by the song “Nel Vortice” and by an exclusive video clip for Impatto Sonoro, put online on 1 March 2016.

The two artists have put everything in this work and immediately feel from the first notes of the first track of the album, a passion that uses however a lot of good technique, with a personal style and with a very sensitive balance, beyond the musical genre in itself the disco is overwhelming and underground, two souls expressed in notes that give the best of themselves with the warmth and candid malice of the “first time”.

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