Dedo goes great with the new album released on the first of July, after “Bandamariù” and “Dedo & the Megaphones” the artist publishes his new album titled “Cuore Elettroacustico” , which to define multi-faceted is little, the tracks from the album they are an almost pyrotechnic interweaving of electric and acoustic sounds, a talent and creativity also enhanced by the important appearances on the record by Max Gazzè and Faso Degli Elio and Le Storie Tese who collaborated on the project.

The content of the album, besides expressing great musical horizons for skill and experience, is a sort of hymn-denunciation of technology that pushes forward the goals of humanity but that absorbs the heart and the conscience of all by removing man from human contact , opinion clearly expressed by Dedo who writes: “In the cybernetic era that awaits us, with its perfect and infallible humanoids, will humanity be able to preserve its diversity made up of sensitive, thinking and creative beings?”.

The album consists of ten tracks, all theme-based but diverse, interesting and engaging ; the artist tells, lives and treats the arguments about love, the social phenomenon, the sadness, the reality of every day, the suffering of the world and so much more, up to the song sung in dialect which is one of the characteristics of Dedo that inserts in each project a trace in his native dialect, because the artist is firmly convinced of the fact that certain concepts can best be expressed only in this way.

A truly multifaceted character Dedo : songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he has a long career full of collaborations with numerous Italian artists, including Elio and the Stories Tese, Max Gazzè, Daniele Silvestri, Raf, Niccolò Fabi, Nicola Piovani, Mario Venuti, Arisa, Cristiano De Andrè, Fabrizio Moro, Bandabardò; he has worked as a member of the Sanremo Festival orchestra and numerous other national television programs, he has been the musical accompaniment of well-known artists such as: George Benson, James Taylor, Michael Bublè and Caetano Veloso. Many prestigious experiences that do not prevent him from growing as a soloist, so much so that he is at his fourth publication with “Cuore Elettrocaustico.

An album that can only be briefly defined as “beautiful” with the broader and more articulated meaning enclosed in a single word; recommended, indeed perhaps it is almost a must to listen … you would miss something unique not to do it … guaranteed!

Track List of the album

  1. “Wait just a little”
  2. “They say”
  3. “Damn winter”
  4. “Tag the nerve of love” (Feat. Max Gazzè)
  5. “Stay on the couch”
  6. “It’s not difficult”
  7. “Ti manci ‘u quagghiu”
  8. “I cry on TV” (Feat. Faso)
  9. “Euro from the sea”
  10. “The dance of the pig”

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