The new album by the band Custodie Cautelari is composed of fifteen tracks that range with genius and musical histrionics from pop to rock, from progressive to blues, from soul to author’s music; a complex articulated project, in which many musicians of immense level have collaborated; and to underline that each track presents from one to five featuring ;an amalgamation of styles, genres, sounds that makes us think, makes us imagine a great pictorial palette where colors mix together creating amazing effects of nuances, lights, and shadows.

An almost “greedy” mix for fans , with such a vast presence of authors, singers and guitarists that one gets lost in the list of names: Matteo Gabbianelli of Kutso, Stef Burns, Giuseppe Scarpato, Maurizio Solieri, Luca Colombo, Enrico Ruggeri , Alberto Radius, Ricky Portera, Cesareo of Elio and the Stories Tese, the Myth New Trolls, Clara Moroni, Giacomo Castellano, Mario SchilirĂ², Cico Falzone of the Nomads, Federico Poggipollini, Marco Ferradini, Gogo Ghidelli, Andrea Fornili, Ricky Belloni, Luigi Schiavone, Andrea Cervetto, and not only, but also many emerging artists who have collaborated with the choirs.

The Cautelari Case is a band born in 1993, the group has been the forerunner for the realization of the covers, it was, in fact, one of the first in this sense, as well as having invented various musical events. Live concerts have always been the strength of the band, in the name of true pure rock; in over twenty years of presence on stage, the Cautelari cases have established the record number of concerts in a year, totaling more than two thousand concerts.

Line Up:

  • Ettore Diliberto, vocals, guitars, and synthesizers,
  • Anna Portalupi, bass and choirs,
  • Alex Polifrone, batteries and choirs,
  • Salvatore Bazzarelli, keyboards and programming,
  • Nicola Denti electric and acoustic guitars

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