The Bongos percussion instruments are certainly the most used and also known among the common people. Whether you are a professional percussionist or just learning to play Bongos or bongo’, the selection available from Musicale Store can meet your needs. To learn more about drums, go to

The Bongo, hand-held percussion instrument of Cuban origin, consists of two drums of different sizes joined by a central skirting. The drums are usually made of wood with natural leather but, for some time, it is also possible to find bongs in acrylic material and synthetic leathers, which guarantee greater tuning reliability and ease of management. If you want the best of tradition you should know that the stem of the Bongos is usually made of Siam oak (the wood of the rubber tree) with slatted assembly system with which you can get a complete and colorful sound range

Bongos, materials, and finishes.

The percussion instrument Bongos generally come in a set that includes two drums of different sizes. Traditionally, they are made of wood, with an animal skin head. We offer a wide selection of bongos, with bodies and skins made of different materials. If you want something elegant and durable, most of our top-quality percussion instrument Bongos are made of Siam oak (the wood of the rubber tree). The skins are generally raw leather or goatskin; something is also equipped with extra-resistant buffalo skins. All our bongos have a protective finish, which strengthens the body material and ensures resistance and longevity to your instrument. For more protection, take a look at our bongo cases. Protect your tools and make them easier to carry with you!

Bongo’s percussion instruments: Skins and Accessories

In general, the skins of the percussion instrument Bongos are usually goat or extra-resistant buffalo leather. All our Bongos percussion instruments have a protective finish that strengthens the material of the body and ensures resistance and longevity, giving your instrument a unique and fascinating look.

Every expert percussionist knows how these instruments can be difficult and “painful” to play with the hands, as long as you have not learned the right technique and you have not made the call, you can take advantage of the comfort of Bongos with the EZ-Curve circles that are designed for reduce discomfort in your hands and allow you to play for hours without problems.

Bongo Cajon

Do you like Latin rhythms? Musicale also offers you the bongo Cajon! The Cajon is box-shaped instruments used in Latin music, and the bongo-Cajon offer a curious combination of the driving tone of the Cajon and the amusing sound of the bongos. Enjoy the incisive and deep tones of the Cajon combined with sharper bongo style sounds. With both high and low surfaces, these instruments offer extraordinary tonal versatility. Also, because the bongo Cajon is small and light, you can take it anywhere with you, making it a popular choice for shift musicians. 

The Bongos’ percussion instrument drums are one of the most popular percussion instruments. Whether you are a professional percussionist or just learning to play bongos, our selection offers a range of quality drums suitable for various levels of play, styles and performance demands.

Bongos percussion instruments

Do you already have bongos you just need to replace a head or two? If you are worn out or you want to get a higher quality sound, replacing your bongos head is a great idea. Our selection includes synthetic heads that offer all the advantages of natural leather without any inconvenience. Our synthetic bongo’s heads help you get better pitch stability and at the same time make your instrument more weather-resistant. We have bongos in a variety of finishes and colors. So you’ll surely find one that matches your musical style with your aesthetic needs. Call our sales engineers, and we’ll help you evaluate all the options to choose the accessories and the bongos more suitable for you.

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