Alessandro (Ale) Ruspini, sees his birth as an artist with the foundation of the band”Illegiti Musicali throughout northern Italy, for twenty years he sees him as the protagonist of memorable evenings in clubs that have made the history of music a bit live;Already at that time he delighted in writing new songs that alternated with the covers played with the band.

The band with such a special name, a name that cannot be forgotten, has given rise to three self-produced records: “Illegiti Musicali”, “Aperto I occhi” and “Attimi”, three projects that have been noticed so much that the group was able to get to know and work with important artists, collaborators of big names like Litfiba and Ligabue.

The band also performed as a support group for Velvet, Rio, and Negrita. Among all these musical activities Ale also found the time to record the single “Rose per te” completed by a video viewable on Youtube. Fabrizio Simoncini, a regular on Ligabue and Litfiba, has collaborated on this piece.

The musical journey of Ale Ruspini is like a river in flood and the artist in 2015 starts working on a solo album that will see the light in March 2016 with the title “Elevation”, the forerunner chosen is “Masterscief” that Ale sings in tandem with Shary, a famous showman from Northern Italy

Of the album it is impossible not to say how the title that plays with the English word elevation was born, and that the artist turned into “Elevation” referring to his diminutive “Ale”, sympathetic, histrionic and meaningful, since the title is closely linked to the sense of the disc and to the speech that Ruspini wants to take forward.

The tracks on the album are all in pure pop-rock, rousing, of the genre that takes you and you move, it electrifies you and involves you. But they are also twelve tracks that speak of love and its problems, and of cooking, of parties, moments of life and emotions, dreams, pains, enthusiasms. A story in music, a thread that leads to the boundaries of everyday life, with simplicity.

An invitation to live life more with good intentions, to smile more, to show affections, and to enjoy them, to breathe fully every day and not to waste anything; perhaps because Ale has understood that what is wasted is no longer back … Needless to say, the album is highly recommended … Trust me.

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